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Becoming a Great Leader Takes More than Just Skills

Even in sports, the most successful sports franchises are those with great leaders. The Bulls had Michael Jordan at the helm. Bayern Munich had Franz Beckenbauer. The Yankees had Derek Jeter. The Colts and Broncos had Peyton Manning. What separates these athletes from all the others is their exceptional leadership skills. They make the rest of the team better. As a result, they have achieved unbelievable heights in their sports. The same principle applies to businesses. If you are a great leader, the rest of your employees will follow suit. Everyone will feed off you.

Sure enough, employee scandals and issues will arise. You need an employment mediation process to help resolve things among your workers. A great leader also recognizes the need for an experienced mediator to help parties come up with a solution to their problems.

Open Communication

The best leaders are also the best communicators. You should customize your interactions and communication styles to suit each team member. Is this particular employee more of a text or a call person? Will this employee respond better to an email or face-to-face communication? There is no right or wrong when it comes to communicating. The general rule is for leaders to be straightforward; for them to have an open-door policy so their employees know they can come to them whenever needed.


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You have to build that bridge with your team members. You cannot be a figurehead that they all fear. Although you don’t have to be buddies with them, you have to know their interests, strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. This will enable you to delegate tasks better. Knowing your team will make you an effective leader. When your team members know you can recognize their strengths and weaknesses, that will make them feel valued and connected.


Show your employees that you respect and trust them by delegating tasks efficiently. Many bosses feel the need to control every aspect of the business process. Why did you hire these people if you don’t trust them to do their jobs? You will run the office more efficiently if you delegate tasks according to their skills. They will feel more confident. You will contribute to improving their leadership skills.


Bosses are known to berate employees for their mistakes. Few bosses are known to show appreciation to employees who have done an excellent job. Don’t be like that. Your employees need their achievements to be recognized. This will make them feel valued. When employees are valued, they are most likely to be loyal to the company.


Your employees need guidance. You shouldn’t five marching orders without clear guidelines and instructions. You should teach them how things need to be done. Show them how you want specific tasks to be fulfilled. This will give them more confidence in their jobs. Good leaders shouldn’t be afraid of their employees taking on leadership roles in the company. You should nurture the skills that they are starting to show.

Being a good leader takes time and discipline. Some individuals are naturally inclined to become great leaders. If you are not there yet, don’t panic. With hard work and dedication, you can bring yourself up to be a great boss.

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