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The Unwritten Rules of Life You Should Know

If you want to become a lawyer, prepare to do a lot of reading. When it comes to the law, places like Townsville have its pool of competent firms and private companies if ever you need legal help. These people are knowledgeable about the many rules, codes, and other details. But do you know what it takes to become one?

Taking up the law studies would take years to finish, and you have to be certified by the bar before you get to practice officially. There would be many books and law records that you have to digest so that you can build up your wealth of information. Handling cases requires that you have a good command of existing laws, so you better be patient in going over a mountain of reading materials.

Besides the written law, there is disorder around us that may not be covered by the justice system. Although they may be petty, there are frequent lapses in etiquette and lack of respect that you wished you could ask the long arm of the law to handle. But alas, that cannot be done. It would be interesting to think about some of the unwritten rules in life that everyone should follow.

Staying in the Queue

Queueing for the grocery or the ATM is a common thing to do for most people. That is something that comes as second nature. You know that there are people that have been ahead of you, and you should respect that. It drives people crazy whenever they see someone cutting near the front. That is a total disregard of others. Being patient and following the line queue means that you value people’s time.

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Table Etiquette

Many unwanted mannerisms surprisingly show up at the dining table. These may or may not put you in a good light. One thing is for sure; if you have bad table habits, people will most likely remember that and not much else. If you are a guest for a meal, know that the people have prepared and presented their food and dishes to you. It is only right for you to act in a refined manner as a way of showing your appreciation.


Some people view cigarette smoke as pollution. If you are a smoker, you should be aware of the effect that it has on other people. Just because you can tolerate the smoke does not mean they can, too. You also need to think about the kids around you if there are any. Do not expose them so that they can grow strong and healthy. If you are a parent who smokes and wishes that your child does not follow your suit, you need to stop this vice now. You can never be an excellent example if the act that you are trying to stop is something that you do all along.

There are many other unwritten laws that you would want to be enacted as an actual written one. Take these into consideration. If everyone gets along, there will be no need for these laws. The most important thing you have to know is that these rules, written or not, are created so that we can respect each other. Be mindful and follow them in your everyday life.

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