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Common questions that murder suspects have for legal teams

When someone is arrested for murder, it can be a very stressful time for them, and they will likely have a million and one questions going through their mind.

Murder is the most severe form of homicide in the UK, and if you are found guilty of the crime, you may be sentenced to life in prison; therefore, you will need the right legal team to defend you against such charges.

The best option for most people facing murder charges is to contact an experienced criminal solicitor. This legal representative will know how to defend your case and aim to have any charges against you dropped.

However, whether you are located in Yorkshire or Southampton, it is highly likely that if you have been arrested for murder, you will have some questions. And these questions are likely to be similar to those asked by others arrested on murder charges. In this article, criminal legal teams will answer the most common questions that they are asked.

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Why do I need a solicitor when I didn’t commit murder?

In simple terms, it plays out better in the long run.

Suppose you have been framed for murder or you simply got caught up in something and now find yourself under the microscope on this charge; you will need legal help to succeed in making your case.

A legal team will know how to help you, and the earlier you call them, the better. This is because they will be able to start building your case from an earlier point when all of the events are likely to be fresh in your mind. Moreover, they will also be able to offer you advice at the police station while also ensuring that you do not need to attend any police interview by yourself.

What are the most successful defences against murder?

The most successful defences tend to revolve around a lack of responsibility on the suspect’s part, due in part to either a brain defect, medical issue or mental health problem. While successful, this can be hard to prove in some cases.

But, suppose you have a mental health diagnosis that is long documented and your prescribing doctor or psychiatrist changed your medication just before the alleged murder took place; this is a good defence against the charge and would be documented in medical records.

Will my case go to trial?

If you have been charged with murder, you will likely go to trial, especially if the case is complicated.

In the UK, as murder is one of the most serious crimes, it is overseen by the Crown Court. Therefore, to defend your case, you will need a legal team that is experienced in criminal defence, so be sure to look for a suitable legal representative.

Will I go to jail?

It is hard to speculate on individual cases, but most people who are found guilty of murder are sentenced to time in jail or a psychiatric facility based on the court case and what is deemed to be appropriate.

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