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The Different Types of Employment Laws in the US

Today’s labor market has become more complex. An employer could now hire different types of employees all at once. They can hire part-timers, full-time workers, temporary workers, seasonal workers, and many other types of laborers depending on their business needs. Hiring different types of employees allow businesses to adjust their staffing needs according to their

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Steps to Take if One of Your Employees is a Suspected Criminal

As part of the recruitment process, HR staff ensures that an applicant has no criminal record. They also verify each applicant’s identity. After all, no company wants an outlaw on their payroll. But sometimes, no matter how careful you are in screening applicants, misfortune occurs. Maybe the most faint-hearted candidate with the most impressive credentials

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Becoming a Great Leader Takes More than Just Skills

Even in sports, the most successful sports franchises are those with great leaders. The Bulls had Michael Jordan at the helm. Bayern Munich had Franz Beckenbauer. The Yankees had Derek Jeter. The Colts and Broncos had Peyton Manning. What separates these athletes from all the others is their exceptional leadership skills. They make the rest

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Pursuing a Career in Agricultural Law

Your grandfather has been overseeing the 10-acre farmland in Noblesville, which is some 36 miles northeast of Greenwood, Indiana. You visit as much as you can, but college life and finishing your law degree are taking a front seat in your life right now. The last time you visited, your grandfather told you how he’s

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Summer Safety Pointers for Construction Workers

In 2015, it was noted that there were 37 death and 2,830 occupational illnesses and injuries attributed to environmental heat exposure, with majority of the deaths occurring during the summer, between June and September in America. Construction is already considered as among the leading industries with the most workplace injuries according to the National Safety

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Protecting Your Well-being as a Truck Driver

It’s not surprising for trucking companies to find illegal ways to pad their profits. As a truck driver, you shouldn’t let them earn money at the expense of providing you with proper working conditions. The trucking sector finally topped the $700 billion mark in 2017, marking a 3.5 percent growth from the previous year. A

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Benefit Payments for Workers’ Disability: What Are the Conditions?

Every state has a legal requirement for employers to have insurance that covers their employees in case they sustain an injury in their work environment. This insurance offsets the expenses associated with medical care or the lost wages related to the work-related injury. Other than this, workers’ compensation is designed to recompense employees for any disability

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