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Before the Split: Savage Questions to Ask Before Calling It Quits with Your Spouse

People marry for many reasons. Some genuine couples marry out of love, compassion, and commitment. Others do this for the sake of religious beliefs or even financial and legal purposes. Some chose to tie the knot for the sake of their children’s security. But know that even the most in-love couples sometimes choose to part ways and legally file for divorce.

According to experts, we can expect more people to split up after the pandemic. In China, many couples are already lining up courthouses in an attempt to end their marriages after quarantine. The number of domestic abuse increased as well as the frustration over money matters, lack of privacy, etc. made them decide to put an end to their marriage.

While we can’t solely blame the medical crisis for the surge in divorce rates, this is something to ponder on. This is especially true if the idea of calling it quits with your spouse already crossed your mind. Before you make the final decision to call your attorney and officially file for the termination of your marriage, it is worth doing a reality check first. To better prepare yourself for the split, ask yourself these two crucial questions first.

Are you ready for things to turn ugly?

Sure, not all couples who chose to part ways had an ugly battle in court. But when it does, it can get really nasty. The process can make you feel all sorts of emotions. You can even feel certain feelings you never thought you will feel even if you are the one who really wanted this in the first place. Things can get a bit darker if there are children involved.

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Know that just because you chose to end your relationship will magically wash away all the hurt, negativity, and toxicity away. It may take time and many things can happen. You can lose family and friends, find it hard to move on, and feel guilt, shame, and heartbreak. Be honest with yourself and see if you’re ready for this.

What is it that you fear the most in calling it quits?

Most people have secret fears that stop them from filing. Some people are afraid to split with their spouses because they fear uncertain about their future. Others are worried about how their financial health will be especially if they push through with their plans. This is true since according to a study, only 10% are getting pre-nuptials.

Some fear for the future of their children, thinking it would be better for them not to have a broken family. But did you know that researchers found out that the main reason some people choose to keep bad relationships due to their anxiety about being alone? Knowing what you fear the most will help you decide if the split is your best choice or not. Understanding your fears will help you determine the best way to overcome your anxiety.

Ending a marriage is no easy decision to make. It is not just a decision you can come up within an instant. Before filing, make sure you think things through first. Don’t forget to ask yourself these questions first before terminating your relationship for good.

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