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Don’t Procrastinate: 3 Ways Delaying a Divorce Does More Harm Than Good

Ending a marriage is never easy. It’s taxing on many aspects — physically, emotionally, and financially. This is why it’s not surprising that many couples agreeably decide to delay divorce even after knowing that their marriage is beyond repair. Sometimes, the decision turns out to be good, with some couples being able to work things out, but in some instances, the delay just unfortunately creates more harm. Here are some of the ways it can go for the wrong turn:

The longer the delay, the more serious the conflict will be.

The first few months after you and your partner talk about the possibility of a divorce is usually a period of friendly uncoupling. Yes, there’s tension and stress, but you’re at a point where you both think that splitting up will have a positive effect on you as individuals. This is the kind of perspective you want to make the most of so you can have a less stressful divorce.

When you drag yourselves on staying together, while also detaching emotionally, the set-up would throw many complicated emotions to the table. How? There might be confusion as to how you can be intimate with your partner. There might be frustration at missed expectations. There might be a bit of jealousy at the prospect of finding a new lover, as well.

All these create the perfect storm for a relationship, especially when one party accuses the other of adultery. This could seriously affect alimony and child custody matters. The point is a delay can deepen conflicts that should’ve been prevented if divorce was decided early on.

The longer the delay, the deeper the family will be involved.

Why is this a problem? Well, relatives and friends aren’t exactly the most unbiased people when it comes to relationship matters. As you get into serious conflicts with your spouse while dragging the decision to break up, it’s inevitable that you will vent to more people on your social circle. Your partner will most likely do that, too. For sure, there will be friends who will be taking sides, talk bad about the other partner, and give plenty of reasons to hate them. You would be angry and hurt even more, leaving out any possibility of splitting amicably.

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It’s good to have the support of social circles in your decision to break up, but do know that this can also work against you and could make your divorce uglier later on. Not to mention the fact that it will most likely break up your friends. The person you should involve instead is an experienced family lawyer. Colorado Springs, CO-based legal professionals won’t just defend your rights in court, but can also serve as a third-party.

The longer the delay, the more costs you would encounter.

The lengthier the divorce process, the more expensive it will be. The real reason divorce takes longer than they should is essentially the many shades of disagreements between parties on child custody, alimony, and property division matters.

You’re piling up a lot of conflicts with your partner when you delay your decision to divorce. It would be harder for you to negotiate and strike a deal. Your best bet here is to hire a good lawyer who can present the best case on your behalf. Of course, that again requires a lot of money. As much as possible, avoid the lengthy divorce process. Avoid postponing your decision.

Getting a divorce is tough. No one wants to go through it. If you’ve exhausted all options, worked out a lot of things, and still find yourselves being broken in a marriage, don’t delay the decision to end things. Otherwise, it would do more harm than good.

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