Got Involved in an Accident? Here’s What You Need to Do.

There are around 6 million car accidents in the United States every year. Out of those 6 million accidents, roughly 40,000 results in fatalities. That’s approximately one death every 13 minutes.

Car accidents can be highly fatal, and the consequences can be life-altering. And judging by the stats, it is possible to find yourself in one. Nobody wishes for it to happen to anyone, but it is essential to stay prepared. Here are a few things to do when involved in an accident.

Call Emergency Services

Emergency responders at the car accident scene

When involved in a car accident, the first thing you should do is secure your health. It means calling emergency hotlines if you can. People are often so shaken up after an accident that they forget to care for themselves. Moving around can lead to more injuries or even death. By calling for help immediately, you can get the medical attention you need and may reduce the severity of any injuries you have.

Even if you feel like you did not suffer from an injury, it is important to stay still. People often do not realize that they got injured until later on. Concussions and whiplash are common health problems you might encounter, and the signs won’t be visible. Internal bleeding, however, can prove to be the most fatal. By staying still, you can prevent further damage and receive the medical attention you need.

Exchange Insurance and Contact Info

When involved in a car accident, exchanging insurance and contact information with the other party involved is essential. It will help if either party needs to file a claim. It can be challenging to get the compensation you deserve without this information.

Insurance and contact information are both necessary data to compile. The insurance information will be necessary to process your claim. Meanwhile, the contact information can come in handy if you need to contact the other party for any reason. However, it should only happen when emergency services clear you of any fatal injuries. Should they uncover potentially fatal issues, you might have to get rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, law enforcement will arrive at the scene to escort the other party should there be a need for exchanging information.

Additionally, exchanging contact information can help if there are any witnesses to the accident. The witnesses may be able to provide testimony in court, which could help prove who was at fault. If the other party does not want to exchange information, try to get as much information as possible from them before they leave the scene. It could include their name, driver’s license number, and insurance policy number.

Take Photos for Evidence

One of the most important things to do after a car accident is to take photos. You can use them as evidence in case of a dispute. They can also help your insurance company process your claim.

Photos should capture the damage to both cars and any injuries you sustained. If there are any witnesses, get their contact information and have them photographed. It will help if you need to file a lawsuit or provide testimony later.

If you can, take photos of the other car’s license plate. It can help identify the other driver if they leave the scene before exchanging information.

It is essential to keep all these photos in a safe place, such as a photo album or a cloud storage service. That way, you can access them anytime you need them.

Call Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company should be your next call after emergency services. Some accident victims avoid this step because they fear their rates will go up. However, most insurance companies have a “no-fault” policy. Your rates will not necessarily increase just because you made a claim.

There are many reasons why it is essential to contact your insurance company after an accident:

  1. They can help you file a claim to get the compensation you deserve.
  2. They can offer guidance on what to do next and how to avoid any legal issues.
  3. They can connect you with a lawyer if you need one.

Do Not Admit Fault

When talking to the police, your insurance company, or the other party involved, it is essential not to admit fault. The other party can use anything you say against you in court. Do not say so even if you think you might be at fault. Instead, let the evidence speak for itself.

Admitting fault can have severe consequences. For one, it can void your insurance policy. Additionally, it can make it challenging to get the compensation you deserve. Even if you are partially at fault, you might not be able to get anything from the other party.

If the other party tries to get you to admit fault, do not say anything. It is best to let your lawyer handle the situation. They will know how to proceed without jeopardizing your case.

Seek Claims for Damages

If you have been in a car accident, it is crucial to seek claims for damages. It means filing a claim with your insurance company and the other party’s insurance company. Doing so can help you get the compensation you deserve for the damages done to your car and any injuries you may have sustained.

Brain injuries are common in car accidents. Concussions could potentially end your life, and it might feel unfair to go through this situation because of another driver’s mistake. Contacting a brain injury attorney might be necessary to seek compensation for your medical treatment and financial security.


Getting into a car accident is a traumatizing experience. However, it is crucial to stay calm and follow the abovementioned steps. You can ensure that you get the compensation you deserve and avoid legal issues.

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