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Various Forms of Personal Injury and Their Possible Causes

Personal injury extends further than what everybody thinks. It comprises even mental and psychological harm that a person may suffer as a result of an injury. Injuries may result from the actions of the victims themselves or negligence by a different party. Common types of injuries include workplace injuries, wrongful deaths, and road accidents.

Premise Liability

When a person slips and falls as a result of a slippery floor, they are likely to just stand up and limp away. Such accidents qualify for compensation. Consider hiring a personal injury law firm in Lincolnshire next time you suffer such an accident. The slip might not be a result of your negligence but rather a result of the risk posed by a building’s slippery floors. Usually, some premises place visible signs informing all visitors of slippery floors. The signs are meant to inform and warn all the visitors against running while inside the premises since it would increase their susceptibility to falls and injuries.


This refers to the dissemination of false information about a person with the aim of harming their reputation. Defamation is often a delicate form of injury, which when wrongly argued, may result in the defamer going scot-free. For an attack to qualify as defamation, the false information must have been shared with other parties other than the victim. That means that you cannot file for defamation if the false information was only shared with you. Another determinant of defamation is whether the defamer spread false information with the aim of harming your reputation. All those are essential aspects that have to be considered before a defamation case is decided. There is, therefore, a need to hire a personal injury lawyer to increase the chances of winning such cases.

Medical Negligence

This is a form of personal injury that results from the failure of doctors, nurses, and any other medical specialists to administer their services as required. In the past, there have been cases of patients who were left with permanent disabilities. Some even died as a result of medical negligence. Medical negligence has resulted in the compensation of numerous victims over the years.


In fact, various courts of law have used such cases as a lesson to hospitals and medical practitioners on the consequences of medical negligence. That has resulted in hospitals exercising more due diligence in the delivery of their services.

Product Liability

This refers to the harm suffered by a victim as a result of their use of a given product. Usually, manufacturing companies are required under law to clearly state all possible harms and side effects that may result from the use of their products in the satisfaction of various needs. With the statement, the manufactures absolve themselves of possible lawsuits. Even then, a product’s user has a right to file for personal injury.

In abstract form, personal injury may be defined as any experience that exposes you to danger or leaves you worse than you have ever been. Any experience that matches that definition may qualify as a form of personal injury.

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