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The Advice of Legal Counsel: Why You Need One

You might think that you don’t really need or even want a lawyer if you don’t need to file a lawsuit or have a lawsuit filed against you. But lawyers can help with other things and not just lawsuits. There are plenty of instances wherein seeking advice from a lawyer could help you out. Here are some of those instances:

Mitigate Problems

Among the most helpful things about having an attorney on your side is that when someone refuses to fulfill a contract, threatens to file a case against you, or your ex-spouse won’t follow court-ordered child support or custody order, or get involved in a car accident, call on your accident lawyer and ask them to mediate to defuse the situation.

But for a small fee, a lawyer can likewise write on your behalf a letter to resolve the issue that could help keep the situation out of court. In turn, you could save tons of money and avoid lengthy legal proceedings.

Help You Make Crucial Decisions

There’s a preconception that consulting with attorneys is expensive, so you shouldn’t do it at all costs. However, consulting with an attorney could actually help you avoid expensive mistakes in your personal and business life that would’ve taken more time and money to resolve.

For example, having your lawyer review an agreement or contract, or help you assess your options with regards to making a critical family or business decision, could limit errors, help you make more informed choices, and give you a fresh perspective on the situation.

Understand Your Legal Options and Rights

You’re probably well aware that the law is complex and, although you might have some idea of your options and rights regarding simple contracts, will, child support, or medical directives, an experienced attorney could help you understand and navigate these issues more easily. In turn, you can leverage this knowledge to save money, obtain more money, demand for things you didn’t know you could legally seek, or have your specific wishes upheld.

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Avoid Mistakes

Although you can definitely complete different legal forms, including medical directives, wills, trusts, divorce petitions, and powers of attorney, it’s always better to have an attorney review all your legal documents. Why? A tiny misspelling, error, or even neglecting to sign something somewhere on the document could result in misunderstandings that could, in turn, lead to serious complications, or worse, render the legal document invalid. So if you are in the process of drafting such documents, you need to be a hundred percent certain that everything’s done just right and that you’re assured of all the legal protections available to you.

Knowledge is Power When It Comes to the Law

There are many things that could happen in life and you might find yourself in a situation that would require legal aid. However, if you don’t have a lawyer working with you from the start, you might have a slight disadvantage. The law can be inherently complicated, so the knowledge of a lawyer when it comes to processes and legalities become more significant when you find yourself in a situation that could be mired in legal confusion.

You might think that you can represent yourself, but there’s a huge chance that the other lawyer would resort to intimidation tactics, be less agreeable to reach a compromise, or make you believe in false claims or information. By having your own lawyer, you level the playing field.

It’s usually the seemingly “small things” that could benefit most from legal advice, at a time before you take the stand, commit something in writing, or agree to something. Finding a counsel to represent you and provide the guidance you need in a court of law can make a big difference.

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