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Immigration Solicitor – Why Legal Help Can Make A Difference

Immigration documentation and decisions look formal, official and final. It’s tempting to think that any ruling that is handed down is based on immovable law. However, we only need to look at a few of the high-profile media cases to see that decisions can be reversed and sometimes this happens relatively quickly.

Not everyone is lucky enough to get their story featured in a prominent news story that leads to rapid reversal of a decision on their case. Also, someone might not want to have their private life exposed to scrutiny to emphasize an unjust decision. However, everyone should be able to access legal help that can support them through the process of finding out what’s possible within the flexibility of the law. They should also be able to do this with complete confidentiality. This is where an immigration solicitor, like Saracens Solicitors, comes in.


Time is an important factor when it comes to immigration decisions. Often, a set time frame is given for appeal against any decision. It is important that someone seek the help of an immigration solicitor before any deadline as there may be nothing that can be done once it has passed. If someone does not meet a deadline, and they remain a resident in the United Kingdom after the lapse of their permissions, they are deemed to be illegal and this can count against them in any future decisions about their case.

The first step an immigration solicitor might be able to take is to get someone more time to gather evidence and make their case.

Making A Case

An experienced immigration solicitor will be able to tell someone what evidence they need to supply in order to build a case to appeal a decision. Even if it seems obvious, such as the case of someone who is UK-born returning home after a holiday, it is still important to build up as much evidence as possible.

The immigration service is a large administrative institution and, if someone wants a successful outcome, they need to navigate it with the support of a skilled guide such as an immigration solicitor.

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