Here Are 11 Types of Litigators Who Can Help Your Case

At some point, you may need legal assistance. However, it’s important to know that all lawyers aren’t the same. Like doctors and teachers, lawyers can have various specialties, depending on the type of case you’re trying to pursue. From medical malpractice to forming a defense in a DUI case, here are the types of litigators who may help you.

1. Estate Attorneys

At some point, everybody will meet death. Regardless of your assets, you likely want them to go to someone you care about, whether it’s your next of kin, close friends, or even an organization you’ve always supported. Maybe you have gone to the same church for years, and you want to continue to support them long after you passed away. Thanks to the expertise of an estate lawyer, you have the types of litigators who can ensure that your earthly possessions will go where you want them to go. Otherwise, your assets, from your finances to your physical property, will be under the guidance of state laws in probate court. According to AskWonder, over 70,000 lawyers and firms deal with estate planning.

Unfortunately, many Americans think they don’t have enough assets that require the types of litigators that could help them with estate planning. Of course, they couldn’t be more wrong as a car and one house versus a fleet of cars and silver mansions are still things you own that will have to go to someone after you die. Estate planning is a comprehensive plan that helps you decide the best ways to transfer your assets to people organizations and charities upon your death. If you don’t decide these things now, the court system will when you want to die.

2. DUI Attorneys

DUI attorneys are the types of litigators you hire when caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If it’s your first time with such a charge, it’ll normally be a misdemeanor. However, when caught driving under the influence more than once, it may turn into a felony, especially if you hurt someone. As a result, you may need an experienced DUI lawyer, who understands the system and may be able to help you with a lesser charge.

Your DUI may go from being a misdemeanor to a felony if you’ve had several prior convictions, an exceptionally high blood alcohol level at the time pulled over, had children in the vehicle, or caused serious injury or death to someone else. The laws for DUI charges and convictions change based on the state. A DUI litigator will do their best to defend your case. They can give you a realistic prediction of the outcome based on your situation and the outcome of similar cases. They may be able to help you keep your license. If you’re still at the misdemeanor level, you may be able to avoid jail time by paying a fine or community service. Therefore, if you’re dealing with a DUI conviction, it’s worth taking advantage of free consultations from these types of litigators to find someone ideal for you.

3. Sexual Abuse Attorneys

Unfortunately, sexual assault can happen to anyone at any time. Sexual assault can include unwanted touching, kissing, and forced intercourse. If you’ve been the victim of such an assault, you should consult with rape attorneys in your area. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) estimates the year 2018 saw as many as 734,630 people who were the victims of threatened, attempted, or completed rape. According to the NSVRC, only 40% of such assaults, including rape, were reported to the authorities in 2017.

By consulting with these types of litigators, you’ll have someone to provide legal representation during criminal proceedings. They can assure you your rights are protected and you’re not railroaded by the defendant’s lawyer. These lawyers will file all the necessary paperwork, gather evidence, call witnesses, and help you navigate the legal system during a very emotional time. Attorneys also advocate for survivors’ rights to try to get laws passed for better enforcement of punishment and convictions in these cases.

You may also be able to seek damages in civil cases, especially when dealing with extreme pain and suffering or paying for therapy and other related medical expenses. After all, non-consensual sex can result in disease and unwanted pregnancies. Having legal representation can help you navigate the situation and ensure you receive the help you deserve.

4. Bodily Injury Attorneys

Lower back pain is a common issue many Americans deal with. Back pain can result from age or certain daily activities. However, you may need the services of a back injury attorney if your back problem is from negligence and poor work conditions. Some of the most common reasons for back injuries that may lead to litigation include heavy lifting, slips and falls, car accidents, repetitive motions at work, and poor ergonomic furniture.

If you hurt your back from such negligence, it may result in a herniated disc. A herniated or bulging disc can cause pain when it compresses upon the sciatic nerve. It’s the largest nerve in the body and may result in numbness or sharp pain starting in your lower back. It can reach as far down as the back of your heel. Injury can create a disability and reduce one’s quality of life. Luckily, with chiropractic care or surgery, and proper compensation. You can ideally regain your mobility and get rid of pain. At least a back injury attorney can help you take the next step in getting compensation and protecting your rights.

5. Truck Accident Attorneys

CDL truck drivers are a major part of the American economy. Thanks to their long haul truck driving, products from food to clothing and other products can reach one part of the country to another. Truck driving can be a job that involves freedom on the road, but also results in accidents. There are several factors ranging from environmental issues to poor vehicles to driver or work conditions that require the expertise of truck injury lawyers.

Unfortunately, many professional truck drivers are on the road for long hours without enough rest. As a result, it can create driver fatigue, which can affect their decision-making and reaction time. That’s why companies hiring truck drivers must avoid over-scheduling them and creating conditions that can become hazardous. After all, a truck accident not only affects the driver in question but also other drivers and pedestrians on the road. Of course, the driver’s behavior can also play a role if they’re distracted by using a cell phone, eating, or not paying attention. If there is an accident while driving a truck on the job, drivers will also be tested for drugs and alcohol or speeding.

When it comes to employer responsibility, they may be liable for poor driver training and equally poor vehicle maintenance. After all, it is not the truck driver’s responsibility to maintain vehicles, it’s the company’s responsibility. Therefore, they should only be allowed to drive trucks with up-to-date tires, brakes, and suspension systems that can survive long-haul driving without problems. If you’re a truck driver who has been put in jeopardy due to the company’s negligence in providing adequate breaks, equipment, and support, truck driver lawyers are the types of litigators you should contact immediately.

6. Car Accident Attorneys

Car accidents happen every day worldwide. A collision can happen due to the fault of either driver, weathering, or poor vehicle maintenance. If you have a car accident injury, contact local car accident attorneys ASAP. These lawyers can ensure you get proper compensation to cover car repairs, medical bills, emotional trauma, etc. Even if a car accident isn’t fatal, your life can be affected if you can no longer work or have to reduce your work schedule. You should be able to receive compensation to make up for those lost wages or increased medical bills.

These lawyers understand how to gather evidence from vehicle collision sites, police cameras, and witnesses. If you’re in such a collision, immediately seek medical care so they can check for any post-accident and health issues. Contact a lawyer right away so they can guide you on your rights.

8. Workplace Injury Attorneys

A personal injury lawyer helps victims dealing with the negligence of a person or a company. It can arise from several issues, such as an unprovoked dog bite, medical malpractice, slips, and falls, or injuries that require worker’s compensation claims. These lawyers are the types of litigators to contact when you have been physically hurt or lost finances due to someone else’s negligence.

9. Real Estate Attorneys

When you think of real estate, you may focus on getting a mortgage or refinancing one. However, real estate attorneys are the types of litigators to call for complicated cases. You may have inherited property with tenants you need help managing. Or you may decide to sell such a building, and you want to go as smoothly as possible. You may be dealing with your first home purchase or sale and want to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. Real estate attorneys can handle all the paperwork as they understand the relevant real estate laws that can affect your transaction, speed up the process, and avoid hiccups that can hold up a real estate sale.

10. Nursing License Attorneys

If you’re a nurse, you have an important job since nurses work together with doctors to ensure patients get the medical care they need. However, some nurses may face legal challenges that can affect the license they work so hard to maintain. If you’ve been wrongfully accused of medical malpractice or misconduct in the workplace, such as drug use or fraud, local nursing attorneys can help defend your honor. When a complaint is filed against you, these attorneys will guide you through the process and help you respond professionally while they gather evidence. These lawyers act as your representation when you have to present yourself in front of the Board of Nursing.

11. Criminal Defense Attorneys

A criminal defense lawyer can handle a range of cases. These types of litigators are the ones to call when accused of doing any crime that can result in prison time. It also refers to any activity that can intentionally cause harm to someone. A crime that requires a criminal defense may include murder or attempted murder, manslaughter, arson, rape, robbery, stalking, and more. According to Pew Research, about 1,954 property crimes per 100,000 people were reported by the FBI in 2022. The amount of time that one can be convicted can depend upon your state’s laws, constitutional law, as well as your prior criminal record. For example, there are certain crimes, such as treason, that can result in life in prison or the death penalty.

The most common crimes in the United States involve crimes dealing with property loss and aggravated assault. Larceny, burglary, and motor vehicle theft are common. Stolen cars are a thriving business among thieves, especially when they have access to strip the cars and make them look completely different and avoid being caught. The rise in vehicle theft can affect auto insurance rates, particularly if you live in a city like New York City, where this crime is common. As many as 1 million vehicles are stolen across the United States annually. Aggravated assault happens when one intends to cause serious bodily harm or death to someone.

As you can see, you should understand the types of litigators to contact, depending on your situation. While all lawyers should have a general understanding of the law, their specialty means they focus on particular areas. Whether you’re trying to plan out your estate, take care of your heirs, file charges against someone who threatened or already assaulted you, or get help on a real estate transaction, some lawyers and firms can help. Use this article as a guide to understand what types of litigators you should contact in your time of need. Remember, many of them offer free consultations, so you can have a better chance of finding the right lawyer for you.

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