Has Uber Lowered its Safety Standards?

Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing apps have become ubiquitous parts of the community. Even Los Angeles residents have needed ridesharing at least once in their life. It’s a convenient way to get around places in style after all. You have a car ready whenever you need it, and it goes with a driver too!

However, there’s a problem with their safety. Well, in their drivers’ perception of safety, at least. Though the car is not yours, you’re one of the people on it and that means your life is at risk if the driver is not paying attention. What makes Uber unsafe in the first place, you ask?

Driver Negligence

A good portion of cases handled by Uber accident attorneys may have something to do with driver negligence. In a place as busy as Los Angeles, you’ll want to get to your destination as quickly as possible. Your driver may also be thinking the same because they want to get to their next rider and earn more within their shift. We all understand the need to make money, but it should not be at the expense of anyone’s life. When Uber drivers prioritize speed over safety, that’s where things go wrong.

They may not be able to react in a split-second when a car in front of them suddenly stops, leading to a collision. Negligence may also come in the form of drivers not paying attention to the road, especially if they have a self-driving car. They may be on their phone, texting or calling someone else, or they may not have enough sleep. All of these affect their concentration as they navigate the busy streets.

Road Troubles

Man calling in a car crash

Not all problems can be blamed on your Uber driver, of course. Some of them happen due to road troubles, such as another driver blocking the road. Still, the way they handle these roadblocks determines the quality of your ride.

Any trouble on the road will only be a matter of delay if your driver still has their presence of mind, but if they lose their cool or make reckless decisions, you don’t get the satisfaction that usually comes with ridesharing. This is not your fault. The way ridesharing companies structure their system puts drivers in competition with each other to get the next passenger and to get those good ratings.

Distracted Drivers

It’s one thing to have a driver who resorts to recklessness for your benefit, but it’s another to have a driver who does not care about the rider at all. When a driver is only doing ridesharing when they have some free time and they don’t consider it as their main source of income, their rating and quality of drive do not matter much. That means they could start their shift after just a couple of hours of sleep, and they can’t wait to end it. Every ride means money and nothing else, so why would they trouble themselves with giving you the best treatment?

Cars are generally safe, but it’s the drivers that make them unsafe on the road. Rideshare companies need to improve the standards of driving practiced by their drivers, and riders need to be aware of what to do in case of an accident.

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