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4 Reasons to Seek Advice from a Lawyer

We need to understand the legal categories first before diving into the reasons why people might need a lawyer. First, there is Civil Law, which covers all the legal issues that are not related to breaking the law or criminal activities, and lawyers practicing civil law may have various specializations.

Criminal Law, on the other hand, is the area of law that covers issues that are related to offenses that break government laws, and has no subsequent specializations. The kind of lawyer you would need depends if your situation concerns civil or criminal law, and here are some of those situations.

Signing a contract

You are agreeing to everything in a contract when you sign it. A lawyer might be able to tell if there are provisions in a contract that may put you in a compromising position or that might take advantage of your party. They could also help you negotiate terms for the contract, especially if there are points that you might find unfavourable yourself. Sometimes, everything that you discussed with the other part would not be included too, so you might need a lawyer to ensure that the contract reflects all necessary details that you have discussed.

Real estate transactions

You are also signing a formal contract when you buy and sell a property. Whether buying or selling a home, you might be binding yourself to terms and expenses that could prove unnecessary or even harmful. Consulting with a Real Estate Attorney for your real estate transactions would ensure that you are getting the home you bargained for. Each state may have its own specific property or real estate laws though, so it might be better to get an attorney from the state where you are buying or selling the property. If you are selling a property in Wichita, Kansas, for example, acquaint yourself with local law firms, like Fleeson, Gooing, Coulson & Kitch, L.L.C.

A DUI Charge

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Driving under the influence (DUI) might be a common reason for getting pulled over, but it has also become a serious criminal offense. The penalty for this charge can include loss of license, jail time, fines, or combinations of these. A lawyer can have these charges reduced, especially if it is your offense. If you go to court without a lawyer for a DUI charge, you would have to accept the maximum penalty.

Starting a business

There are a lot of legal requirements to meet when you are setting up a business. To avoid complications that may greatly affect your business, you should consider turning to a Business Law Attorney for advice. They can help you start a business that is lawful and protected, so you can operate smoothly onwards.

These are only four of the many reasons why you might need a lawyer. However, you may not require legal advice for every issue where you would think you need it. Lawsuits, for example, are a usual reason people hire lawyers.

But if you are ever faced with a lawsuit that you do not want to contest (like if you are being asked to pay an amount you are willing to pay anyway), you would not need a lawyer for that. So you should still do some research whether or not your situation calls for legal advice.

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