September 26, 2023

a landlord holding house keys with couple tenants on her back

Illegal Landlord Actions: What Can My Landlord Cannot Do?

Landlord-tenant conflicts are a common aspect of rental life. As tenants, understanding your rights is crucial to navigating these issues effectively. This article will explore illegal landlord actions, helping you identify and address them while safeguarding your rights and ensuring a fair and lawful rental experience. Whether you’re a new tenant or a seasoned renter,

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The Hidden Struggles: Unmasking the Exploitation of Truck Drivers

Truck driving, a critical yet overlooked profession, is fraught with exploitation and challenging working conditions. Exploitation forms include low pay, overwork, poor working conditions, company negligence, and lack of industry regulations. These conditions lead to physical and mental health risks, accidents, and an alarming departure from the industry. Advocacy can involve knowing a legal professional, supporting truck drivers’

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