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Lawyers Incorporated is a national medical malpractice law firm handling birth trauma cases throughout the country.

Sheldon O. Zisook, founder of the firm, has a child who was born with brain damage. Subsequently, Mr. Zisook, in his opinion, became one of the largest birth trauma attorneys in the country and has appeared on national television commercials many times.

Our medical staff includes a board certified obstetrician (who has delivered thousands of babies) and registered obstetrical nurses.


Mr. Zisook, over the course of many months, has researched extensively the best medical malpractice attorneys throughout the country who have the expertise to handle a birth trauma case. Our criteria was based on lawyers who have achieved record setting verdicts on cerebral palsy and brain damage cases.
As an example of their success, we have listed several record setting awards made by our referring attorneys (these are the very same attorneys at the firms that could be assigned to your case)
$120 million: This unbelievable verdict was received for a breech delivery. In this case, an earlier delivery would have prevented the permanent brain damage that the child suffered.
$103 million: This tremendous verdict was received for a child born with cerebral palsy. In this case, the fetal heart rate had dropped to a dangerous level causing a lack of oxygen to the child's brain. An earlier delivery would have prevented the resulting cerebral palsy.
$100 million: In this case, there was a lack of oxygen to the brain causing severe and permanent brain damage. The child was placed on a ventilator in order to breathe.
$90 million 900 thousand: Once again, our referring lawyers prove that they are the best! The doctor failed to recognize abdominal pain as a symptom of the placenta separating from the uterus, otherwise known as a placental abruption. Because of the delay in this diagnosis, the child's brain was not properly oxygenated resulting in permanent brain damage.

$55 million: In this case, A healthy boy required surgery. Tragically, the operation that was done was completely different from the one his referring physician directed. The result was terrible and permanent brain damage.

$37 million: In this case, Obstetrical negligence caused a mother to deliver her baby prematurely. After birth, another doctor caring for the baby misplaced a breathing tube, intended for the baby’s airway. This delay caused prolonged oxygen deprivation, resulting in severe permanent brain damage.
$35 million: This was a structured settlement for a brain damaged child. In this case, failure of both the hospital and doctor to timely detect and treat a newborn's jaundiced condition caused bilirubin levels to reach dangerously high levels. This caused permanent brain damage. (Please note that the present value of a structured settlement is significantly less. A structured settlement is based on a long life expectancy and paid over many years.)
$30 million: Again, a record verdict from one of our referring attorneys. This unbelievable verdict blew the roof off of all previous verdicts for the death of an infant. In this case, a two week old child had jaundice that was not treated properly causing bilirubin levels to rise to dangerous levels. These dangerously high bilirubin levels caused severe brain damage ultimately resulting in the child's death.
$24 million: In this case, the doctor failed to properly treat a sixteen-month old child with respiratory problems. The child had clogged airways and the doctor failed to insert a breathing tube in time. The child's heart stopped, causing a lack of oxygen to the brain. This resulted in severe brain damage.
$23 million 300 thousand: In this record setting birth injury verdict the medical staff failed to inform the delivering doctor of drastic decelerations in the fetal heart rate. The delivery was overly delayed resulting in a lack of oxygen to the child's brain causing severe brain damage.
$20 million 864 thousand: In this case, the hospital failed to have an anesthesiologist available in order to perform an emergency cesarean section. As a result of this delay, the child suffered prolonged fetal distress causing severe brain damage. 
$17 plus million: In this case, the hospital staff failed to notify the attending physician of a drastic change in the young child's breathing pattern. This in turn caused a heart attack and subsequent brain damage.
$13 million 300 thousand: This outstanding verdict was received for a child born with erb's palsy. A mistake made during delivery caused permanent nerve damage to the child's arm. 
$11 million: In this case, the medical staff failed to recognize signs of fetal distress. The fetal monitor indicated that the child's heart rate was dropping. The doctor failed to address this problem and subsequently the delivery was delayed resulting in permanent brain damage.
$10 million 800 thousand: A jury in a small town returned another record setting verdict on one of our cases. In this case, the hospital staff failed to recognize and respond to signs and symptoms of a uterine rupture that required immediate attention. Because of the delay in notifying the doctor of this emergency situation, the child was born with severe brain damage.
There is no charge unless we win. All work and expenses are done at our own risk.

It is to your advantage to hire an attorney who has achieved record setting results. Come to the law firm that reviews and evaluates cases virtually every day of the week.

Let our legal and medical staff go to work for you!

The results obtained in the above cases may well not be representative of results that could be obtained in other cases. Factual and legal differences and the vagaries of juries all may contribute to a different result. Do not presume that all birth related injuries to a child will result in a plaintiff's verdict.

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