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A word from the founder of Lawyers Incorporated, Mr. Sheldon Oliver Zisook:

Sheldon O. ZisookI am the parent of a child with cerebral palsy, and I personally realize the ramifications and life changes involved when your child is special.

When my son was born with brain damage, my family and I had no idea how our lives would be affected. We did not see how vulnerable our child was and how he would need our care and protection for the rest of his life. We did not understand that we would become his life-line in so many ways, and he in turn would consume our lives.

As an attorney, I have become involved in brain injury and other birth injury cases throughout the country.

We would be interested in looking into your child's birth if you had complications either during pregnancy, during delivery, or after delivery.

Please call 1-800-888-LAWS and speak with either an attorney or registered nurse.

Remember, there are time restrictions.

Signed: Sheldon O. Zisook
Sheldon O. Zisook

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